KCR trickery and deceit on Muslim quota exposed again, says Shabbir

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Hyderabad, Nov 16: Telangana Chief Minister and TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao was playing the carrot and mouse game with Muslim reservation issue for political mileage and exploiting sentiments of the Muslim community which is looking for fair play and social justice, says Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir.

Reacting to Supreme Court verdict on the quota issue of Rajasthan State that all quotas for socially and economically backward classes should not cross the 50% barrier at any cost, the LOP at Media point said that the bluff and deception of the TRS govt and KCR was exposed again.

It is clear now that the power-hungry TRS and KCR had thrown the Muslim quota carrot for getting their votes during the General elections and GHMC polls. ‘Can KCR make the PM Modi issue a statement favouring 12 % quota in contradiction to his party line and also Supreme court verdict?, Shabbir quipped.

Blasting KCR’s political opportunism Shabbir said, in all fairness if the TRS chief is sincere to his words of promoting Muslim community, he should issue G.O immediately for implementation of 12% reservation for Muslims as the Act has been passed in both the Legislative houses.

The Congress leader said that KCR who was vying for a honeymoon with the BJP and sharing power in Delhi on par with his AP counterpart should realise that BJP would never support him on this count.

He said that the Congress government in the past had been sincere in providing 5 percent quota for Socially and Economically Backward Muslims and after court a Supreme Court intervention it had reduced it to 4 % which is implemented in full spirit in education and jobs in then AP benefiting thousands of Muslim youth.

Referring to yesterday Supreme Court verdict, Shabbir said that it is a path-breaking and would put a stopper on BJPs devilish plans to create vote banks by giving quotas in the name of communities. BJP led States, Gujarat plans to give quota to Patel Community, Maharashtra to Maratha’s, Haryana to Jatts. AP govt which is an ally of BJP led NDA also plans to bag vote bank by giving quota to Kapus.

The Opposition leader said that it is time every Indian recognize Muslims as not a religion but as a community which is social, economically backward due to historic reasons. Only then the politically opportunistic elements like KCR of TRS and Chandrababu of TDP, Owaisi of MIM and Modi of BJP will stop exploiting the Muslims for their power hungry designs.

Shabbir also water downed the declaration of TRS chief that he would seek inclusion of quota issue under 9th schedule and fight on Tamilnadu type of quota raj. Such a move would need a constitutional amendment and even Tamilnadu is struggling under the weight of Reservation regime, he added.

The LOP said that when Prime Minister Modi, cannot implement the reservation of more than 50% in BJP ruled states, how CM KCR can provide 12% reservation to the Muslim community. Though KCR says he will fight the case in Supreme Court, already he has hundreds of cases pending in the apex court and it would take decades to get final justice.

He said the BJP led govt of Devendra Fadnavis had in 2015 withdrawn the quota for Muslims and Marathas granted by the past NCP govt on Supreme court directions. So even if KCR govt continued its quota scheme now, successive Governments may have to withdraw it.

All these goes to prove the deceptive designs of KCR for Muslim votes for TRS and its ally MIM. Instead, the Congress govt had reduced the 5 % quota to 4 % under YSR regime and made reservations permanent for the Muslim community, he added.

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