Apple’s App Store stopped over $2 bn in fraudulent transactions in 2022

San Francisco, May 17 Apple has announced that its App Store prevented over $2.09 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions in 2022, blocking nearly 3.9 million stolen credit cards from being used to make purchases, and banned 7,14,000 accounts from transacting again.

“Today, Apple announced that in 2022, the App Store prevented over $2 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions, and rejected nearly 1.7 million app submissions for failing to meet the App Store’s high standards for privacy, security, and content,” Apple said on Tuesday.

Among those 1.7 million apps, 4,00,000 were rejected for violating privacy, 1,53,000 were rejected for spam and copying existing apps, and 29,000 were rejected for including hidden or undocumented features.

Nearly 24,000 apps were blocked or removed from the App Store for bait-and-switch violations such as these in 2022.

Moreover, the tech giant said about 4,28,000 developer accounts were terminated for potentially fraudulent activity, and 105 million fraudulent developer account creations were blocked.

Apple also deactivated 282 million fraudulent customer accounts and prevented the creation of another 198 million.

Last year, App Review took action to prevent nearly 84,000 potentially fraudulent apps from reaching users on the App Store.

In 2022, with over 1 billion ratings and reviews processed, Apple blocked and removed more than 147 million ratings and reviews for failing to meet moderation standards, the company mentioned.

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