Music therapy can be started in Goa: CM

Panaji, March 22 Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said that
music plays an important role in treating chronic diseases, therefore students must come up with innovation and give inputs to set up music therapy treatment, which can help in healing and relieving pain.

Sawant was speaking on Tuesday during a programme organised by the Goa College of Music.

He stressed the need to come up with innovation and start-up in the field of music.

He said: “Music therapy treatment has been started in Pune and it does not exist anywhere else in India. It is for healing purposes and pain relief. It is also used in psychiatric cases. Music plays a vital role in treating chronic diseases.”

“We have a palliative care centre in south Goa. We have AYUSH College in north Goa, where integrated treatment with yoga, physiotherapy, ayurveda and naturopathy is given, we can add music in it. For this we want inputs from students of music and it can happen with their support,” the Chief Minister added.

He said that there is a huge expectation from the students of music college to pass on the tradition of this area to the next generation.

“Music will also play an important role in the new National Education Policy. It is an important subject as it has no boundaries,” Sawant added.

“If we visit any region we do not understand their language, but we understand their music,” he said.

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