Google no longer selling ‘Glass Enterprise Edition’

San Francisco, March 16 Tech giant Google has announced that it will no longer sell its eye-wearable device ‘Glass Enterprise Edition’.

Until September 15, 2023, the tech giant will continue supporting the eye-wearable device.

“After September 15, 2023, you will continue to be able to use the Glass Enterprise Edition device and existing software. No software updates from Google are planned,” the company said in a support page on Wednesday.

Also, the pre-installed ‘Meet on Glass’ application will not receive any support from the company after September 15 and the application might stop working at any time after that date.

“Google will continue to replace devices under the existing process until September 15, 2023. Please contact your distributor / reseller to submit a replacement request on your behalf,” it added.

The first Google Glass was introduced with much fanfare in 2014. At $1,500, it had promised a new, bold era for information.

People, however, realised that the device was not yet ready to be part of their lives. There were safety and health concerns. The built-in camera raised privacy issues too.

Later, in 2019, the tech giant had launched the second edition of its eye-wearable device ‘Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2’, with improved camera, USB-C type port and safety frames.

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