Developer creates tool that emulates old iPhone games on computer

San Francisco, March 13 A developer has created a tool that can emulate old iPhone games on a computer.

Developer named Hikari no Yume launched a tool called ‘touchHLE’ which emulates old applications created for the iPhone operating system (OS) directly on Macs or even Windows PCs. More particularly, she wanted to run the classic game Super Monkey Ball which was quite popular in the past.

The tool can play music, simulate touches on the screen, and even employ joysticks in place of the accelerometer commands that games like Super Monkey Ball used.

“I have been extremely careful during this project, perhaps more careful than most people would be, not to violate Apple’s copyrights so far as I can. I don’t use any code written by Apple, I have been careful to avoid reverse engineering iPhone OS itself,” Yume was quoted as saying.

“You can download the project, and it doesn’t contain anything that like, isn’t legal to distribute,” she added.

However, the tool cannot run more recent and complex games that require advanced hardware, the report said.

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