World Cancer Day: Awareness program held at MGBS 

World Cancer Day is an international day marked on 4 February to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. The primary goal of World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer and is an opportunity to rally the international community to end the injustice of preventable suffering from cancer.

The  World Cancer Day 2023 campaign theme, Close the care gap, is about identifying and addressing the barriers that exist for many people around the world in accessing the care they need.

In order to raise awareness on the importance of World Cancer Day, CARE Group of Hospitals organized an Awareness Walk at MGBS Bus Depot in this program CARE Hospitals,Nampally & CARE Hospitals, Malakpet participated.

The program was Attended by SHO-Chaderghat Mr.Y.Prakash Reddy,Dr.Navin Chand Medical Superintendent,Dr. Avinash Chaitanya Head & Neck  Surgical Oncologist Dr. Mohammed Hashim Consultant Int-Medicine & other Team of doctors.

On this occasion Mr. Y.Prakash Reddy SHO Chaderghat said Alcohol increases the risk of various types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, colon, lung, kidney and liver. Drinking more increases the risk. Physical activity counts too.

Besides helping control weight, physical activity on its own might lower the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer.Doing any amount of physical activity benefits health. But for the most benefit, strive for at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of hard aerobic activity.You can combine moderate and hard activity. As a general goal, include at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine. More is better.

Highlighting the importance of cancer Dr.Avinash Chaitanya Head & Neck  Surgical Oncologist Said The incidence  of cancer is increasing owing to adoption of westernized habits and use of smoking, tobacco (pan, Gutkha). Recent analysis has shown that Hyderabad has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the county. With this, there is a growing need for improving awareness. In recent times because of extensive research. Many new treatment options are available improving the outcomes.In early stage cancer, surgery is done followed by radiation.

CARE Hospitals,Malakpet has state of the art Oncology with Equipment and Infrastructure..

On this occasion Students from different schools were present along with Mr.K.Praveen Kumar-Head Marketing & Mr.Mohd Ashfaq Deputy-Manager from CARE Hospitals,Malakpet.

About CARE Hospitals: CARE Hospitals Group is a multi-specialty healthcare provider with 11 hospitals serving six cities across five states of India. A regional leader in South and Central India and counted among the top 4 pan-Indian hospital chains, CARE Hospitals delivers comprehensive care in over 30 clinical specialties. CARE Hospitals is part of the Evercare Group, the leading impact driven healthcare group in South Asia and Africa.

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