Preserve ‘Composite Culture’ of the country: Salman Khurshid

IMCR to secure civil & constitutional rights of minorities: Ex-MP Adeeb


Hyderabad, Aug 20: Former Union Minister Salman Khurshid campaigned for preserving ‘Composite Culture’ and securing the civil and constitutional rights of minorities and oppressed groups in the country.

Addressing the Indian Muslims for Civil Rights (IMCR) conclave at Ghulam Ahmed Auditorium,  Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, Salman Khurshid who is also the Founder Trustee of IMCR talked about the growing hatred against the Muslim community, rampant misuse of governmental institutions, and a highly communalized atmosphere amidst an alternative scenario where jobs have been lost, incomes have reduced and the country is facing challenges on several other fronts.

Stating that the IMCR not only aims to work for the protection and preservation of democratic and Constitutional values, Salman Khurshid said it also provides legal, financial, and other necessary aid and assistance to the victims of oppression and excesses in society.

The conclave on the “Idea of India” organised by IMCR was attended by Amroha MP Danish Ali, Ex-MP Aziz Pasha, Ex-Minister, TPCC Vice President Zafar Javeed, Telangana Youth Congress Vice President Amer Javeed, Nisar Ahmed IPS (Retd.), JIH Telangana President Hamed Mohammed Khan, Indo-Arab League Chairman Dr. Mir Akbar Ali Khan, The Saisat Daily Editor Amer Ali Khan, Major SM Quadri, eminent community leaders and activists from across the Telangana.


IMCR Chairman Mohammad Adeeb who also served as a Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha expressed deep concern over the raising communal atmosphere across the country.

Adeeb said that communalism as Hindutva fascism today is the most serious danger facing Indian society and polity and has deeply undermined secularism.

Coming hard on Hindutva forces, Adeeb said: “Hindu Nationalist forces- RSS-and-its-Parivar organizations want to portray Muslims as ‘others’ and have greatly succeeded in doing so through sheer propaganda and falsehood. Now the IMCR delegation reached Hyderabad after conducting its two successful meetings in New Delhi and Mumbai to seek the active participation of fellow citizens to safeguard the “Idea of India” , Adeeb added.

IMCR delegation consisting of Founder Trustee & Secretary S. Masood Hussain (Chairman, Central Water Commission, GOI), Founder Trustee & Treasurer Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi (Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court), Dr. Azam Beg and others also attended the conclave and addressed the gathering.

Masood Husain briefed the aims and objectives of IMCR through a PowerPoint presentation, while Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi stressed on the steps to be taken for smooth and effective functioning of IMCR also adding that the delegation would soon visit Jaipur,  Bangalore, and other cities across India to further strengthen its unit.

Dr. Azam Beg said that the purpose of IMCR delegation’s visit to Hyderabad is mainly two-fold; first to reach out to the concerned community members of Hyderabad for introducing and sensitising about the mission of IMCR and seeking their active participation and support in the pursuance of its objectives.

Although quite a large number of delegates from Hyderabad had attended the Indian Muslim Intellectual Meet on 29 May 2022 at Delhi and are thus aware of the proceedings of the momentous event, IMCR considered it desirable to come to Hyderabad and directly interact with its community leaders and concerned members.

The Siasat Daily Editor Amer Ali Khan, Major SM Quadri, Social Activist Aleem Khan Falki, Khaleda Parveen, and other eminent community leaders addressed the gathering.

The Siasat Daily News Editor, Amer Ali Khan, said Muslims don’t have to prove their loyalty to anyone since they were in India by choice. Expressing concern at the growing communal discourse, he said judiciary was the only hope now left for the community as the other three pillars – legislature, executive and media have all caved in.

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