Youth Congress protests over rising LPG cylinder prices

New Delhi, July 6 The Youth Congress on Wednesday tried to protest outside the residence of Union Minister Smriti Irani over rising prices but were stopped by the police.

The protest was against the rising LPG cylinder prices across the country.

“Inflation continues on the kitchen, once again the prices of LPG cylinders have been increased drastically. The repeated increase in the price of LPG is adding to the problems of the public,” said its national president Srinivas BV.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will neither allow people to eat food nor will he allow them to cook. When Smriti Irani was in the opposition, she used to protest on the streets against an increase of Rs 5 in petrol, diesel and LPG prices, but today when there is all-round inflation she is silent, today the Youth Congress has tried to wake her up from her sleep.

The Youth Congress said that under the BJP’s rule, $1 is at Rs 79.36 and LPG is at Rs 1053 per cylinder.

Holding placards the activists alleged that Modi could not show a red eye to China, but tomatoes are showing a red eye to the public due to inflation, food is being snatched from the people’s plate.

The Congress government used to buy expensive and sell them cheap to the public. But now despite everything being cheap in the international market, it is being sold expensive to the public. It is because of their wrong policies on inflation that today the rich have become richer and the poor have become more poor. Srinivas said that Prime Minister Modi should understand the pain of the people, today the people are suffering from unemployment, inflation has broken the back of the common man. The government should reconsider its decisions and roll back the increased prices as soon as possible.

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