Vistara Bangkok-Delhi flight engine fails after landing at IGI

New Delhi, July 6 One of the engines of a Vistara flight coming from Bangkok failed after it landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here, officials said Wednesday.

The incident took place on Tuesday and all the passengers were safely disembarked.

According to airline officials, one of the engines of the flight UK122 had developed a “minor” electrical malfunction.

“After vacating the runway, engine number 2 of the aircraft was shut down as pilots wanted to do single-engine taxiing using engine number 1 but it failed at the end of the taxiway,” the official said.

Subsequently, a tow truck was brought to take the aircraft to the parking bay.

A Vistara spokesperson told IANS that the crew elected to tow the aircraft to the bay, keeping the safety and comfort of the passengers in mind.

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