TN farmer killed by wild elephant in Erode

Chennai, July 6 A farmer, Mallanayakkar, 68, was killed by a wild elephant at his farm in Talavadi, Erode district on Wednesday. The farmer was trying to drive the elephant away from his property where he was cultivating bananas.

The farm is situated 2 km from the Talavadi forest range and Mallanayakkar used to stay guard on his farm at night. On Tuesday night also he went to the farm but when he did not return, his family members went to the farm and saw him lying dead.

Police and forest department officials conducted the inquest and found that he was killed in an attack by a wild elephant.

People in Talavadi range turned furious after information about the death of Mallanayakkar in a wild elephant attack spread. People have not allowed the body of Mallanayakar to be removed from the spot until Divisional Forest Officer, Devendra Kumar Meena and other officials reach the spot.

The local people wanted the forest officials to take effective steps to prevent wild animals from entering farmlands that are situated near the Talavadi forest range.

Villagers also told forest officials that elephant trenches were not functioning properly and jumbos reach the farmlands at will and destroy crops and farmers are forced to stay guard to try and drive the pachyderms from destroying crops and produce.

Officials said that immediate financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh will be provided to the family of the deceased and further compensation would be given in a week’s time.

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