Appropriate action will be taken against Kerala minister Saji Cherian, says Sitaram Yechury

New Delhi/Thiruvananthapuram, July 6 A day after Kerala Minister Saji Cherian’s “disparaging” remark on the Indian Constitution created a furore with Congress and BJP demanding his resignation, party general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday said the matter is being discussed in the state.

“The Kerala comrades are discussing it and appropriate action would be taken by them,” said Yechury.

Cherian, the State Minister for Culture and Fisheries, had on Sunday said that the Indian Constitution gives ample scope for “loot” of the people putting the CPI-M in a spot.

Soon after the visuals of Cherian’s “blatant attack” on the Constitution at a party meeting in Pathanamthitta district became public on Tuesday, the Congress-led opposition and also the BJP in the state launched massive protests demanding his resignation.

Cherian put up a weak defence saying that he did not intend to portray the Constitution in a “poor light” and that his remark has been “misconstrued” and apologised for it.

With the protests gaining ground and the Kerala Assembly being adjourned for the day this morning following protests, the Kerala unit of the CPI-M top brass want into a huddle to discuss this.

On being quizzed by media, Cherian, while emerging from the meeting, said: “Why should I resign,” he replied and walked away.

Meanwhile, State Congress president K.Sudhakaran said shameful that such a statement has come from a minister.

“The Congress will take this up legally and on Friday evening all across the state the Congress party will take a pledge supporting the Indian Constitution,” said Sudhakaran.

Former Supreme Court judge and Constitutional expert K.T.Thomas called it a serious issue and if anyone files a case, the minister will be an accuse.

“It’s for the Chief Minister to decide if he needs to keep the Minister. The Minister should apologise to the nation. The Indian Constitution was written by Indians,” said Thomas.

Senior party secretariat member and Minister M.V.Govindan after the available secretariat meeting on Wednesday said the full secretariat meeting will be held tomorrow only.

Meanwhile, there was a news that the party will come out with a press statement but it decided against it.

Vijayan is now closeted with legal brains as a series of petitions against this are expected in various courts in the state.

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