Ajmer man announces home, property for Nupur Sharma’s decapitation

Jaipur, July 5 A man from Ajmer district has announced to give away his house and property as reward to anyone who decapitates suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma for her controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammed.

The man has been identified as Salman Chishti, reportedly a cleric at the Ajmer Dargah.

In a video that went viral on social media, the accused could be heard saying that he would give his home and property to anyone who brings the head of Nupur Sharma to him.

He also said that the BJP leader has betrayed the pride of Khwaja Saheb and Mohammad Saheb, and in such a situation, he will give his house and his landed property to the persons who will bring him her head.

He also alleged that Muslims are being persecuted and killed across the country.

As his video went viral on social media, the Gaddi Nasheen-Dargah Ajmer Sharif shared Ajmer police’s statement and clarified, “Here comes @Ajmerpolice statement as a police case has been registered against the murderous call given by a history-sheeter and hardcore drug addict who misused Ajmer Dargah Sharif’s name and surrounding neighborhoods to create unrest and mistrust in the peaceful city of Ajmer Sharif.

“This person is a drug addict and history-sheeter, as per local police station records. Our Anjuman Committee has raised strong objections towards the misuse of the name of Ajmer Dargah Sharif by such criminal-minded individuals.”

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