Places of worship in Goa advised to obtain BHOG certificate

Panaji, July 5 Goa government has advised all the places of worship, which serve ‘prasad’, to obtain BHOG (Blissful Hygienic Offering to God) certification.

According to the Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has launched the BHOG certification for places of worship to ensure that best quality food (Prasad) is offered.

“It encourages places of worship to adopt and maintain food safety and hygiene in preparation and serving ‘prasad’ along with training of food handlers for basic food safety and hygiene,” the Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration in a press statement said.

“The certification also includes principles of ‘Eat Right Campaign’ which is based on two broad pillars namely ‘Eat Healthy’ and ‘Eat Right’. After successful audit of the place of worship it becomes recognised/ certified. The certification also brings prestige to both the place of worship, as well as the entire state for adopting a culture of safe food,” it further said.

“All the places of worship which serve ‘prasad’ are advised to obtain BHOG Certification. The first step towards this is obtaining an FSSAI Registration Certification which is a requirement, and hence, those interested are requested to comply with the same before July 30, 2022,” it said.

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