Man held captive for over 2 years rescued by police

Guwahati, July 5 A worker from Assam who was held captive in Haryana’s Mewat for nearly 2.5 years has been rescued following a joint operation by Assam and Haryana police, an official said on Tuesday.

The person was identified as Anand Baraik a.k.a. Bahadur.

According to sources, a stranger took him to Haryana’s Mewat on the pretext of providing an employment opportunity. But it was learned that Bahadur was not paid a single penny for the last 2.5 years.

He was forced to work without pay. Despite repeated requests, he was not allowed to return to his home.

Based on inputs, the Assam police with the help of the Haryana security personnel managed to trace Bahadur’s location and rescued him, the sources added.

On Tuesday, he was brought to Guwahati.

Kamrup Superintendent of Police Hitesh Roy told IANS that the detail of this matter is yet to be investigated. However, he confirmed the rescue of the man.

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