Priya Ahuja Rajda looks at depiction of women and how it’s changed with time

Mumbai, March 8 Actress Priya Ahuja Rajda who’s known for her stint as Rita reporter in ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’, says that she is elated to see a positive change in society towards women.

She says: “Of course, I am very happy about it! In fact, I come from a very conservative family and my cousins and my relatives always pinpointed me being way too modern. But when I look at today’s generation who are in their 20s, I feel so beautiful that the parents are taking care of their choices and are giving them the liberty to do whatever they want. Girls nowadays can roam till late evenings. So, I am very happy about the changes in the society.”

Priya also spoke about how the depiction of women on screen has undergone a radical change and women are no longer shown as damsels in distress on screen.

She adds: “Yes, I would say ‘Der Aaye Durust Aaye’. The typical portrayal of women has changed so much even the Saas Bahu sagas have changed so much. Nowadays, they show working women and their current issues. So it’s very great to see all these changes on the small screen and other mediums as well.”

Lastly, she concludes by addressing about the suppression women go through in some rural parts of India and how important it is for us to work from the grassroot level to bring in a change, she says: “This will take time. Our thought process has been this way. I have seen many people who receive a lot of body shaming from their partners and are made fun of on the basis of their education.”

“You are actually making your partner feel a little less about themselves which is not right. Women need to be taught how to treat the women around them. We cannot change the adults as that has been their mindset for years. But now women need to inculcate these values in their sons to stay humble and their daughters to stay strong,” she concludes.

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