Author Aashu Patel on his acting debut in Gujarati film ‘Halkie Fulkee’

Mumbai, Dec 29 Gujarati author and journalist Aashu Patel shared his experience of acting in Gujarati film ‘Halkie Fulkee’ which was released in theatres on December 17. In the film, he is seen playing himself in an important sequence.

Aashu Patel talked about his experience of acting in a film for the first time in ‘Halkie Fulkee’, he said: “My role in the film was as a creative producer and screenplay writer but when we were working on the screenplay, the director Jayant Gilatar, who is also a dear friend, said, ‘Your body language is perfect for acting.’ He offered me the role of a police inspector.

“I was reluctant to do the role so he offered me another role as a journalist! I was quite enthusiastic about it. The dialogue writer of our film, Geeta Manek, came up with a unique idea to present me in the same scene of the police station where I was supposed to play the role of an inspector. It was an important scene. After the shot, the producer of our movie, Shatrughn Sinh Solanki said overwhelmingly, ‘It will be a highlight of the movie.'”

“Millions of readers have read me, many of them have heard me. Now they are watching me in theaters and I am getting responses from them. It’s a pleasant experience.” he added.

The movie features Neha Mehta, Jayaka Yagnik, Marathi actress Mansi Prabhakar Joshi, Gujarati actress Bhavini Gandhi, Disha Sawla Upadhyay, Rachna Pakai, Purvi Desai, Satvi Choksi and Aanchal Shah.

Aashu Patel is also the creative producer of the film and he has co-written the screenplay with director Jayant Gilatar and debutant writer Divyakant Pandya. The film is produced by star cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s brother-in-law and Rivaba Jadeja’s brother Shatrughann Singh Solanki.

The film is presented by Hardev Singh Solanki and Harish Singh Solanki and co-produced by Hiren Gosai. The associate producer of the film is Atul Bosamia and the supervising producer is Jiten Purohit.

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