Man dragged on road for showing black flag to Nishad Party chief in UP

Deoria (Uttar Pradesh), Oct 11 A youth was beaten up for protesting against Sanjay Nishad, president of Nishad Party and showing a black flag.

Sanjay Nishad was in Deoria on Sunday to attend a welcome programme after being elected member of the legislative council, when a youth named Mahindra Nishad began shouting slogans and showing a black flag.

Workers of the Nishad Party immediately pounced upon the youth and beat him up.

The video of this entire incident went viral on social media.

Mahindra was dragged through the market and forced to sit in a car. After some time, he was handed over to the police.

However, the police let him go because no complaint had been lodged against him.

Sanjay Nishad blamed the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party for the incident and claimed that the youth had been instigated by them.

The youth was demanding inclusion of the Nishad community in the Scheduled Caste category — a demand that Sanjay Nishad has also been raising.

“There is no problem. The young man has been misled. He belongs to my community and I will hug him and forgive him,” he said.

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