Foundation stone-laying ceremony for Mosque, Temple and Church at a time: Telangana Home Min

Hyderabad, June 28: Telangana State Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali on Monday asserted that the foundation of the Secretariat Mosque will be laid in conjunction with the foundation laying of Temple and Church.

Affirming the Telangana Government’s commitment towards the foundation laying of the Secretariat Mosque, Home Minister Mahmood Ali said that the foundation laying of the Mosque has been postponed as the Government decided to lay the foundation of the Mosque, the Temple, and the Church together.

This comes after the Home Minister on Monday called on Minority Welfare Minister Koppula Eshwar and discussed various issues related to the minorities.

While the foundation of the Mosque, as announced earlier, was to lay by the end of the month, Mahmood Ali averred that the State Cabinet was of the view that the foundation stone of the Mosque, as well as the Temple and the Church, should be laid together.

“Thus, respecting the religious sentiments of other communities, the foundation laying of the Mosque is being postponed for a few days,” the Home Minister added.

He informed that the plan of both the Temple and the Church of the Secretariat is being prepared which shall be completed soon and said, once the map of the Temple and the Church is finalized, the foundation of all three places of worship in the Secretariat will be laid at the same time.

He said that the promise made by the Telangana government to the people that the Mosque would be built before the inauguration of the secretariat will be fulfilled and added, “very beautiful and magnificent mosque will be built on a larger area, for which the government has already approved the architecture plans.”

The Secretariat building will be inaugurated only after the inauguration of the Mosque, Temple, and Church,” he added.

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