SIO demands restoration of Urdu medium courses

Discrimination on basis of language against the spirit of Telangana movement: SIO

TFP/ Syed Sufwan Mohiuddin
Hyderabad, June 23: Students Islamic Organisation (SIO)’s Telangana state unit on Wednesday demanded the Telangana Government to restore Urdu-medium courses and to fill the vacancies for Urdu-medium faculty.

Claiming that the State’s degree admission portal, Degree Online Services, Telangana (DOST) is not accepting admission into Urdu-medium courses, the SIO asserted that there is a progressive decline of seats in Urdu-medium courses every year, as the vacant faculty positions for the Urdu-medium courses were not filled.

Instead of filling the vacancies, the government has been can canceling the courses itself, it added.

The Student’s organization stated that the admissions into Urdu-medium B. Com and B. Sc courses were discontinued two years ago and added, “the vacancies for the remaining courses are also not being filled.”

Discrimination on the basis of language against the spirit of the Telangana movement which was run on the principle of justice, it said, adding that the state government has been systematically taking steps to eradicate the Urdu language despite it being the second official and most spoken language of the state.

Stressing that such an attitude from the administration is of grave concern as it against a large section of the state’s population, the organization said that it had intervened in the matter at the districts level last year and plans to take up the issue at the state level this year.

SIO Telangana President Dr. Talha Faiyazuddin said that the separate Telangana movement was run on the principle of justice to the people of Telangana and it is imperative that the government provides justice to the language, culture, and civilization of the people.

Dr. Talha Faiyazuddin further said that the Student’s Organization demands Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao that the admissions to Urdu-medium courses be started immediately and the vacancies be filled at the earliest so as to safeguard the future of students.

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