Chennai man launches briefcase-sized portable dishwasher

Chennai, Nov 9 (IANS) With complaints of back pain from women at home washing dishes bending before the sink and himself experiencing the same, 63-year old industrialist K. Krishnasamy has come out with a semi-automatic sensor based non-conventional portable dishwasher.

Unveiling the briefcase-sized dishwasher that can be fitted above the kitchen sink, Krishnasamy, CEO, KSR Technologies, told the media on Monday that the product will be commercially launched in 2021.

At a time when automatic dishwashers are priced above Rs 40,000, Krishnasamy targets a price of sub Rs 15,000 per unit that can run on an inverter as well.

“The briefcase-sized machine with stainless steel body has four sensors used to dispense water. The two rotating cleaning brushes are motor operated. There are couple of water outlets in the machine for varied use and there is also soap dispenser,” he said.

According to him, vessels of all types and shapes – ranging from pressure cookers to water bottles – can be washed with less water usage.

“The brush life will be about three years. Till date about 10 machines are working successfully at various places,” Krishnasamy said.

He said patent has been applied for the product in India and Canada.

“The water is supplied into this machine with just a 5 mm inner dia hose. With conventional pipes used in our houses, water is enormously used. The water consumption can be reduced by 75 per cent,” he said.

The per month power consumption by the machine will be only five units, he added.

Not just limiting to houses, this machine can also be used in restaurants, canteens, coffee and tea shops, Krishnasamy said.



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