ImmunifyMe expects four-fold revenue growth amid pandemic

New Delhi, Nov 8 (IANS) Health-tech start-up ImmunifyMe expects its revenue to grow four times in the current financial year to $4 million.

CEO Neeraj Mehta said the company recently raised a seed fund from a strategic industry investor with interests in healthcare, and will raise the second round in the next financial year.

“We have raised sufficient funds to invest in technology and important partnerships we need to create for the Covid applications of our app. We are sufficiently funded for now, and will only be raising the second round in the next financial year,” he said.

Mehta said that the company has developed a portfolio of some robust healthcare technology products which will help the healthcare and pharmaceutical companies at large.

“We hope to quadruple our revenue in FY21 to an estimated $4 million,” he said.

On the prospects of Covid vaccination management as and when it comes, he said that monitoring and ensuring every Indian receives the Covid-19 vaccine dose will prove to be the biggest challenge India has faced so far.

“For a country as diverse and large as India to be Covid-safe, every single person needs to be vaccinated, since the chances of spread, as we have seen, is dependent on even one person carrying the virus and we won’t win the war against the Covid-19, if we don’t succeed in 100 per cent Covid vaccination,” he said.

Mehta further noted that ImmunifyMe was an early-starter in the area as it had developed its technology to monitor vaccination doses for children. The shift to Covid vaccination monitoring would be relatively easier and faster for the company due to its early experiences.

“Our current technology has evolved to ensure that we monitor the vaccination of citizens, track their booster doses also, keeping a national track of demographics of vaccine coverage. We also will be tracing the vaccine batches to ensure authenticity of the vaccines being given,” he said.



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