Poet Munawwar Rana booked for remarks on France

Lucknow, Nov 2 (IANS) A case has been registered against renowned poet Munawwar Rana at the Hazratganj police station for his remarks on the France issue.

The case has been field on the complaint of Inspector Deepak Pandey and the poet has been accused of disrupting social harmony and communal peace.

Rana had come out in support of the attacker in France by justifying the killings.

Munawwar Rana had said that the caricatures are made to defame Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Such acts force people to take extreme steps as in the case of France. He further said that he too would have done the same had he been in his place.

Meanwhile, talking to the media on Monday, Munawwar Rana said that he would fight the case to its logical end.

“If this government has its way, it would had blamed me for the Bikru carnage as well,” he said.



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