Facebook affair reaches UP village panchayat

Kanpur (UP), June 11 (IANS) She ‘met’ him on Facebook during the lockdown and then travelled alone for 150 kilometers in a truck to marry him.

Pooja, 23, of Shankarpur village of Jalaun district, became friends with Brijesh of Chautarahar village of Kannauj district on Facebook.

The two started exchanging notes, their friendship soon blossomed into love and the couple decided to get married.

However, Brijesh’s family did not approve of the match and wanted the boy to marry another girl.

When Pooja learnt about this, she decided to visit Brijesh’s family and convince them for their marriage.

She covered the distance in a truck and walked around 20 kms to meet Brijesh’s family in Chautarahar village over the weekend.

Brijesh’s family turned down her request to marry their son and Pooja staged a sit-in in front of Brijesh’s house.

Brijesh’s family asked her to go back home but Pooja remained unrelenting.Local residents informed the village head, Jai Singh, who intervened in the matter and a panchayat was convened and finally Brijesh agreed to marry Pooja.

According to sources, she showed their Facebook and WhatsApp messages to the panchayat members.

“The panchayat has now asked Brijesh’s family to prepare for the wedding that will be held later this month,” said Jai Singh.



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