Lobby war between top cops escalates, FIR registered against former SSP Noida

Lucknow, March 9 (IANS) Lobby war between two powerful IPS lobbies in Uttar Pradesh took a turn for the worse on Sunday, when a criminal case was registered against former SSP Noida, Ajay Pal Sharma by a woman claiming to his wife. Earlier, a lobby had leaked an obscene video of another IPS officer Vaibhav Krishna found chatting with a girl.

Sources revealed to IANS that on instructions of state Home Department, an FIR was registered against IPS officer Ajay Pal Sharma by one Deepti Sharma, claiming to be his wife.

The FIR says that Ajay Pal misused his official position and hatched a conspiracy to destroy evidence stored in five mobile phones, owned by Deepti. The FIR was registered at Hazratganj police station in Lucknow.

According to police, mobile phones belonging to Deepti Sharma, contained some recordings and video clips which revealed ‘the dark side’ of the IPS officer.

On the other hand, sources close to Ajay Pal Sharma claimed Deepti was blackmailing Sharma on basis of a few video clips. “She (Deepti) was not married to Ajay Pal Sharma,” the source claimed.

In her, FIR Deepti mentioned that “she is a lawyer practising in Supreme Court. Her brother, is a senior scientist in London and a British Passport holder. She married Ajay Pal Sharma in 2016 when he was posted in Ghaziabad as SP City. However, due to other affairs of Sharma, relations with her husband turned sour”.

The lady further claims that being an IPS officer, Ajay Pal Sharma misused power and got her arrested on false charges relating to fraud. Her mobile phones which had important recordings about Sharma’s nefarious activities were also taken away. She was harassed and later sent to jail, Deepti told police in her one page complaint.

Earlier in 2019, the then SSP Vaibhav Krishna had sent a confidential report to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Director General of Police revealing a deep rooted nexus between five IPS officers and a few journalists involved in transfer and posting racket.

The letter also revealed about illicit relations of a few police officers with some women. Taking a strict action, the Yogi government transferred all the officers and suspended Vaibhav Krishna who was found chatting with a girl during late night in several video clips.

The government then formed a special team of senior police officers to probe into matter which appeared to be a war between two IPS lobbies of the state.



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