A clash of claws and tails

New Delhi, Feb 6 (IANS) An intriguing video of a clash between David and Goliath is doing the rounds on the Internet and this fight between a leopard cub and a monitor lizard is thrilling the social media users.

IFS officer Parveen Kaswan and shared the viral video on Twitter with the caption: “#Leopard V/S Monitor #Lizard. This lizard is a fighter but #Leopards are excellent hunters.

A post read: “Many people in Konkan region eat this lizard. But she’s dangerous. While catching her if she succeeds in hitting her tail on any of your limbs, then that limb gets paralyzed.”

The video was filmed at Kaingu Safari Lodge, Zambia in 2018, reported the Daily Mail.

In the viral video the leopard gets close to the lizard and repeatedly slaps it with its paw. The reptile uses its tail to defend itself by whipping it around.

Despite putting up a good fight, the lizard’s defence wasn’t enough for the hungry leopard as it succeeds in grabbing it by the neck before walking off with it.

As the post went viral, Twitterati have flooded the social media with their reactions.

A user wrote: “So wildlife people were standing like fools and were not saving a monitor lizard which was on the verge of extinction. Couldn’t you feed him chicken or goat.”

Another wrote, “Feeling bad for the lizard!! But wondering! What all vitamins the big cat is going to get from eating that lizard…?”

“Can leopard survive after eating that monitor lizard?” asked one user.–IANS


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