Development has to be decentralized, distributed: VP

Vijayawada, Dec 24: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu underlined the need of decentralization of development and more focus on the development of rural areas.

Addressing the first convocation of National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Tadepalligudem in West Godavari district on Tuesday, he said that the development has to be decentralized and distributed.

“I am not talking this keeping in view the controversy of Capital issue”, he said.

The Vice President said that the India urban population would reach to 517 million in 2020 and it would cross 700 million by 2050. The towns and cities in India are exceeding carrying capacity and chocking, he added.

He said the towns are getting shrunk and emphasized the need of developing rural areas.

Venkaiah said Rama Rajyam concept would not be completed without achieving Grama Rajyam.

“Our most prosperous cities are also home to large slums. Our cities must grow inclusively and sustainably. We must find solutions for sustainable housing, drinking water, mass mobility and provide economic opportunities to bridge the huge income gaps in cities”, he said, adding sustainable waste management solutions and waste-to-wealth initiatives should be adopted.

He said that the ultimate aim of all the technological advances must be the betterment of the life of the common man. They must lead to the discovery of solutions to the most pressing problems of our time, the Vice President said.

Institutions such as the IITS and the NITS must become hubs of innovation. They must recognize potential and nurture it to bring out the best in each student. Institutes that render technical education must never hesitate to teach and experiment with the latest of technologies, Naidu said.

“There is a vast scope to introduce new and innovative technologies to spur agriculture growth and improve the lot of the farmers. This is the time for young engineers to come up with out-of-box solutions fpr agriculturists from climate change to increasing crop productivity”, Naidu exhorted the NIT engineers.

“Understand the real problems faced by Indian agriculture, including fragmented land holdings and insufficient market through innovative technological the problems faced by to access. Indian agriculture is greatly dependent on weather” he said and asked the NIT engineers to make agriculture become more resilient.

Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan, Ministers Taneti Vanita and Ch Sriranganadha Raju were among those who are present.

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