Beauty is not skin deep, says new campaign

New Delhi, Dec 24 (IANSlife) In a beauty world fraught with the idea of a ‘perfect type, a new campaign embraces differences and encourages people to ‘untype.

Women’s grooming brand The Beauty Co India, in its campaign #UnType, rejects the idea of skin-deep beauty meant to “sell products”, and celebrates self-love regardless of one’s shape, size, colour, gender and sexuality.

In a powerful video, the brand hails the people who break away from the ‘ideal’ body standard, and says it is time to ‘untype’ individuals.

“Beauty brands play a major role in creating stereotypes. As a beauty brand, we want to take a stand against these stereotypes. We believe that beauty is not only what we see. It’s also about what we feel. We want people to feel beautiful regardless of the stereotypes that surround them. You should step out in confidence, radiance and glow with beauty,” Suraj Vazirani, CEO of The Beauty Co said.



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