8 things to help plan your VIP events

New Delhi, Dec 23 (IANSlife) As the times are progressing, we are becoming increasingly specific in terms of what we eat, what we wear, the kind of people we interact with. This holds true in the sense of the kind of events we wish to attend. Going for generic events is losing its charm and people hold no excitement for the same. If you want your event to set out and make it a huge success, it depends a lot on how you make it special.

A VIP event is nothing but a well-thought-out event that is unique in its nature, chosen with a particular group of people who are relevant to the event. The relevance could extend to the attendees, influencers, and friends.

Hence, it is an exclusive event, entertains fewer but the right mix of people basis only on invitation. Now the next question that might pop up in the minds of many is- how to make an event into a true VIP event?

Below are 8 things which you must keep in mind as you plan your VIP event, says Kunal Rai, Vice President, Weddings & Events, Tamarind Global.

1. Keep the event focused: The first damage that you can cause to your event is by confusing it with a party without giving it a purpose. The soul of a VIP event lies in the fact that it is meant for a fruitful networking rather than mere fun and enjoyment. As you plan your event, ensure that it has a purpose and business goals attached to it and they are loud and clear enough to those attending it.

2. Take ample time to plan it: The success of an event lies in the time given to its planning. You cannot afford to plan a VIP event just out of excitement. You need be cautious of the fact that it is meant for “VIP” and you can not afford any negligence in any of the areas. From purpose to venue to arrangements, nothing can go wrong and this calls for adequate amount of time to plan meticulously.

3. Choose the right space: Since a VIP event is not just another fun party and is about a specific group of people, you have to be utterly careful as you choose your venue. You cannot choose a venue such as a corner of your office or a home as it is not likely to give the VIP experience that your guests might be expecting. You must choose to hold the event in a VIP lounge of a hotel or a private club.

4. Curate your guest list attentively: Since it is a VIP event, you have to ensure the kind of people you invite. First, you have to keep it invitation based to avoid irrelevant crowd to your specific and focused gathering. Second, you also have to be cautious as you give out invitation. It will also have to be highly selective in nature and be relevant to the business goal that you have set for the event.

5. Invest in high quality materials and graphic design for your invite: The first impression is the last impression! This holds true in most walks of the life and a VIP event is part of the same. The first glimpse of your event comes through the kind of invite you send. The image of your event will be formed as soon as the person receives the invite. If the quality of the invite is of superior quality, you have succeeded already. Hence, as your work on your invitation, you must hire a professional who understands the aesthetics and sophistication well.

6. Assign the right manager: The success of your event lies how well it is being articulated to the guests. This can happen only if you have the right manager attached to it who has the right managerial, communication skills with an eye to details. This person must be highly articulative as well as a team person who can get everything done smoothly.

7. Make your venue self-explanatory: For the kind of experience you are aiming to give, you have to be really smart. Your venue should be designed or set up in a way that your guests know where exactly they have to go and for what purpose. Have the clear sign boards or direction guide with the clear event details. This should be reflected on our invitation card too. It should have clear details about timing and the venue so that the experience is seamless in nature.

8. Have a follow-up plan: Do not let your event turn into a one-night social gathering sort of event as nothing would be worse than that. You have to ensure that you follow up with your guests after the gathering. This could be in form of future opportunities, gratitude and feedback.




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