Flying squads to assess progress under Palle Velugu programs: KCR

Hyderabad, Dec 22: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday announced that from January 1, flying squads will be touring and conducting surprise checks to the quality and progress taken place in the villages of the Palle Pragathi programmes in the State. The flying squads will submit reports to the government on their surprise checks.

The Chief Minister held a review meeting on the Palle Pragathi programmes on Sunday at Pragati Bhavan here. Speaking on the occasion, the CM said that the prestigious 30-day Palle Pragathi programmes aimed at making the villages clean, green and tidy was held from September first week and have became a hit and popular with the people.

He said it was an auspicious development that the people have voluntarily participated in the programme. “But I am receiving complaints, suggestions from the field level that some officials and people’s representatives are not showing the kind of enthusiasm being shown by the people.

To make the programme more effective, surprise checks and corrective measures are necessary,” the CM said and reminded that in the beginning of the Palle Pragathi programme it was mentioned that surprise checks will be done by the Flying Squads.  

The CM made it clear that flying squads will be created and implementation of the programme will be reviewed. Action will be taken against those officials and people’s representatives who have not improved their performance.

In this context, the CM said that for the employees and staff in the Panchayat Raj department promotions were given on a scale, which they were not expected or imagined. From appointing the Village Secretaries, MPO, MPDO, DLPO, DPO, ZP CEO, at all levels the administration was strengthened and made the Panchayat Raj department live. After doing so much for the department, it was natural for the government to expect a good performance. As promissed during the Palle Pragathi, every month the government is releasing Rs 339 Crore.

To ensure progress and development of the Palle Pragathi programmes, the district collectors are give suggestions so that they are alert. Under the Panchayat Raj Act, district collectors were also given powers in this direction. Working agencies at the village level were also strengthened to maintain clean and green villages.

Salaries of the Village workers are increased and suitable schemes are also being implemented. Despite all this, if the progress in villages has not matched the expectations, the Collector, officials and people’s representative concerned should take the responsibility,” the CM said.

 “The government has no other important issue than developing the villages. Since we had confidence and faith in officials and people’s representatives, we have given them adequate time and flexibility. Hence we have not gone for immediate checks. Now we feel the time has come.

In the New Year, from January 1 we will launch checking of the Palle Pragathi programme. This is not meant to trouble anyone. The flying squads will conduct surprise checks and send the report directly to government only,” the CM said.

The CM said officers will be drafted from IAS, IPS and IFS cadre and the monitoring system will be put in place. Each official on a random method will be given 12 mandals in different districts to conduct surprise checks. Who is given what Mandal will be confidential information that will be with the government.

Surprise and phased manner checks in the village can be used for crosscheck the response. This will enable the government to get proper suggestions and advices.

The CM also made it clear that action would be taken against officials, Village Sarpanches who have not done their cent percent work and there should not be any let off in this matter. Especially those officials who showed laxity in their job will not be pardoned. Stringent action will be taken on those officials.

“The surprise checks carried out by the flying squads will show the commitment, abilities and dedication of officials and elected representatives in implanting the Palle Pragathi programmes. This is also a testing time for the Panchayat Raj officials and elected representatives.

There is no meaning if the villages are not bettered despite the fact that vacancies are filled, huge promotions are given, financial and others resources are made available. Despite all this if the villages are not developed now they can never be in the lifetime. But it should not happen,” the CM said.

The CM also reiterated that the government would not rest but would strive to make each and every village totally developed, clean, green and tidy. The CM also explained the seriousness of the Palle Pragathi programme. “We are conducting the review meeting here today making Panchayat Raj Commissioner Raghunandan Rao to cancel his important visit to Bengaluru. This alone explains the seriousness of the programme,” the CM said.

Principal Secretary to CM S Narsing Rao, Secretary Smita Sabharwal, CM Special Secretary Rajashekar Reddy, Panchayat Raj Commissioner Raghunandan Rao, Principal Secretary Municipal Administration Arvind Kumar, Director Sridevi and other senior officials participated.

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