The no-makeup look 101

New Delhi, Dec 15 (IANSlife) From fashion runaways and airport looks to editorials and the everyday corporate life, the no-makeup look has taken the beauty world by storm. But, what makes this barefaced look so popular?

“No-makeup” makeup is basically the bare minimum, focusing more on the steps of application than the number of products. The look can be achieved with lesser number of products but the process of application is an important step towards achieving a perfect no makeup look, explains Reena Chhabra, CEO of Nykaa Brands.

Makeup experts at Revlon say that the look allows one to highlight their features, define all the correct places and add just a tinge of shade to accentuate inner radiance for a naturally glowing face.

What makes it immensely popular is that it is easily doable, consumes less time and is effortless. What’s more is that any beginner can ace the look without much difficulty.

How to achieve the look?

1. The first step before applying any makeup product is to wash and cleanse your face thoroughly and moisturize it well with a face cream or a serum to lock the moisture into your skin. The moisturised face makes your skin looks smooth and plump which is very important for a no make-up look. Ensure your natural skin and lips are nicely moisturised for a healthy texture and glow.

2. Always remember to prime your face before applying make-up be it a heavy one or a minimal makeup. A perfect base is very important to let your makeup stay for long. Opt for a pore filling primer, it will smoothen and fill any pores without clogging them since you are not applying any thick foundation for this look. You can also go for an illuminating primer which will add a little glow to your face.

3. For a no makeup look always go light on the foundation. Go for tinted moisturisers, BB and CC creams to give light coverage to your skin. It will hide some of your freckles, redness, and imperfections giving you a natural flawless face.

4. If you have dark circles of scars or any kind of dark pigmentation cover them with a lightweight, hydrating concealer. Blend with your fingers since the warmth of your skin makes the product melt right in!

5. Use a highlighter/bronzer to add a little sheen to the high points on your face and a little bit of blush to add some colour to your cheeks.

6. Some kohl and a double coat of mascara gives your eyes a little definition. If you want to apply eye shadow try going for a nude shade. Lightest of brown or lightest of pink shades are the best.

7. To give your lips a natural pink colour apply a light pink or red lip tint and followed with a lip-balm. If you are not too fond of lip tints you can also go for nude shade lipstick that best matches your skin tone. If you are not too fond of lip tints then you can also opt for a nude lipstick that best matches your skin tone and you are good to go.

Top tip: A rosy blush and a soft lip shade accompanied by lip liner for a perfect finish should do the needful for that flush of colour. One can opt for paler pastels for eyelids with mascara. Use a stroke or two of highlighter also for the final finishing touches. No makeup look can sometimes backfire if you do not moisturize your face well or do not use a perfect base.

When to rock the no-makeup look?

A no makeup look is perfect for all occasions. This look is mostly preferred to be worn anytime during the day, whether you are a working woman or a college student or going out on a date or a movie date with friends. You can even try this look for your friends wedding functions like a Mehendi or a Sangeet or may be a friend’s birthday party during the day.

Depending on the event in question, the glow factor can be raised in accordance. So be it a day out with friends or a brunch, or a kitty or evening coffee, or even a dinner night or a cocktail party, with the right stroke of the brush, the no-makeup look can effortlessly pull up your glam factor.

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