Ceramics inspired from Indian bazaars, Japanese Kimono

New Delhi, Dec 14 (IANSlife) Australian master potter Ted Secombe, known for his beautiful crystalline glazes, will showcase the best of his ceramic art in a solo exhibition in the national capital.

Titled ‘Alchemy Of Porcelain’, his latest exhibition of contemporary ceramics inspired from his shows in India and Japan will run at the Triveni Kala Sangam here from December 15-23. It is organised by the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust.

Secombe, regarded as one of Australia’s most significant and accomplished ceramic artists, has spent almost four decades behind the potter’s wheel.

“My current work has emanated from my experiences exhibiting in Japan and India. In both countries, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and visual feast offered by their textiles. The mastery of design coupled with an innate ability to blend and match colour drawn from a long history of involvement with process has influenced my glaze palette. The division of colour on many of the works are a direct reference to the Japanese Kimono. The broad colour spectrum used, finds its influence in the bazaars of India.”

He added that making pots is more challenging now than when he first began, as his motivation is purely the expression of his ideas and creativity. Having developed a mastery of the medium that allows him to experiment, the artist has made a name in the art world owing to his beautiful and graceful forms and crystalline glazes, that are rich in colour, and delicate in texture and patterning.

“He is constantly experimenting and developing his glazes, some of which are reminiscent of ancient Chinese glazes. The methods for producing the works are very detailed using multi layering of colour similar to the textile processes of Asia,” Delhi Blue Pottery Trust said.

The Trust is holding this exhibition as part of its vision to get an increasing number of ceramists to India and to expand the scope of the global exchange of ideas.

The show is free and open to all.

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