Shahid mature in his role choices: Pankaj Kapur

New Delhi, Nov 26 (IANSlife) Veteran film and theatre actor Pankaj Kapur, says that his actor son Shahid Kapoor has become mature in his choice of roles, and his acting ability has been proven time and again.

“He’s a very capable, educated, young boy with his own mind about his work, and I’m very happy to see him become mature in his choices of the characters and roles that he does.

“His ability as an actor has been proven time and again. Almost a decade and a half back, when people asked me about him, I said, ‘Wait till he starts getting dramatic roles and his actual potential will be seen’. With his recent films in the last 4-5 years, people have realized what kind of an actor he is,” Kapur, 65, told IANSlife in an interview.

Asked about his National School of Drama days, Kapur said those were the most creative in terms of learning and imbibing.

His thoughts about the world of cinema today?

“I think cinema has opened up a lot more. There are a lot more opportunities than we had 30 years back. Different kind of cinema is being created, people are coming up with different kind of scripts, they are able to come up with scripts that work with the audiences and also scripts which will have something to say to the audience, which is a heart-warming thing.”

Kapur added that he thinks different forms of cinema are evolving, and different characters have come up for one to play.

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