Flaunt it, men!

New Delhi, Nov 26 (IANSlife) The market is booming with grooming products for men, and here’s the secret, men just love tending to their beard and hair. Neeti Chopra, Skin and Hair expert and Owner, UNWIND Salon and Cafe suggests some tips to look your best for the upcoming party season.

1. Lets’s go beyond cut and trim

Guys today explore the world of hair color and highlight as much as women which certainly calls for extra care for their chemically treated tresses. So, apart from visiting the barber for the regular cut and trim, indulge in a powerful hair care treatment and a nourishing beard spa at least once a month. It’s also a great way to totally rejuvenate yourself.

2. Got some wind in your hair!

Nourish your tresses with a conditioner every time you shampoo to avoid the dryness. Invest in a leave-in conditioner/serum for taming frizzy hair. The bike-friendly guys who like the wind blazing through their hair, invest in a detangling spray and use it to sort out knotty ends with a wide-toothed brush after your spin.

3. Extend ‘No-Shave-November’ to ‘No-Shave-Winters’

A beard in the winter makes it much more magical – let’s face it, not only does it keep you warm, a well-groomed beard gives you the suave and dapper leave the ladies definitely swooning. It is a must to indulge in good products to groom your beard – a beard shampoo and conditioner – to clean and nourish, and beard oil to moisturize. Follow up with a nice beard balm. Finally, a beard brush or comb to even out the product application and tidy the look.

4. Boys, nourishment is compulsory for you too!

If the case of dry and lifeless locks still doesn’t leave you, don’t fret – just devote some time and get your hair and scalp some oil therapy. Virgin coconut oil or olive oils are some cool options and the best part – this can be done at home.

5. Your ultimate drinking partner

Just as the season moves towards sipping on spirits and more, remind yourself to hydrate with copious amounts of water too. As the weather gets chilly, it dries out our skin and scalp.

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