A culinary revolution

New Delhi, Nov 24 (IANSlife) Pop-up restaurants will bring about a culinary revolution in India, feels celebrity chef Kunal Kapur. According to him, the best way to reach out to diners who seek exceptional experiences is through pop-ups.

“I travel extensively around India and also across the globe researching ingredients and flavour combinations. This inspires me to frame the ground-work for experiments in my kitchen.

” Pop-up restaurants are quick, unique and put up for a limited time, which works for both the chef and the diners. With their stellar menus, top-level chefs and immaculate service, one can’t resist it,” says Kapur said who recently launched Table Stories, a pop-up at Roseate House in New Delhi.

The 40-year-old feels “it’s a great time to be a part of the food industry with more and more players wanting a slice of this big pie”.

“More people are eating out each week versus cooking at home in the metro cities. There are numerous restaurants with different concepts – from classic to progressive, desi to international. To top this, there is the option of home delivery which is quick to serve you almost any dish that you wish to eat,” adds Kapur who hosted “MasterChef India” seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5.

The Delhi-based chef, who started his career in the year 2000, says he had “a tremendous learning curve personally and professionally” since he joined the food industry. This has shaped him into a “grounded, humble and a happy person”, he says.

“I was lucky enough to have been trained under the best chefs in the culinary industry early on in my career. The start was rough as the trade (chefs) was not as recognised and respected as it is today,”

He, however, feels that being surrounded with good food is a blessing and sometimes becomes a problem. “In the food industry, feedback on your work is instant and the best way to deal with is to take corrective actions immediately. I have had people giving me feedback and I have always taken it in the right spirit.”(Puja Gupta can be contacted at puja.g@ians.in)




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