Ekaya now in Mumbai

Mumbai, Nov 23 (IANSlife) If you like the finest of the finer things in life, then you cannot be oblivious to Ekaya. Founder Palak Shah has worked tirelessly to create this young brand that has successfully resurrected precious and almost endangered craft techniques from eras gone by. It took Shah seven years of working on preserving the art and expertise of rare Banarasi textiles.
The brand will now welcome clients in Mumbai from its newest address located in the heritage Kala Ghoda district. The area is a hub of art and history featuring iconic buildings and museums perfectly compliments the brand’s ideology of being rooted in cultural practices.
“The signature textiles and garments showcased at our Mumbai flagship store put the spotlight on truly precious weaving techniques, unique color palettes, and charming, old-world motifs. Together, they narrate the silent chapters of Banaras’s character and identity,” states Palak Shah, CEO, adding, “We wish for Mumbai to experience the depth and versatility of a modern-day Banaras, that has evolved across the ages through the intricate complexities of its handloom history.”
Ekaya is proud and passionate about empowering weavers who are trying to keep these practices alive. “Mumbai is full of life and emotion – just like Banaras, shares Mr. Bharat Shah, Director, Ekaya. Sprawled across approx. 3,000 sq. ft., the new Mumbai store has been designed by Mr. Ambrish Arora of Studio Lotus, the creative mind behind all of Ekaya’s stores.

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