Global meets Indian in this multi-cuisine restrobar

New Delhi, Nov 22 (IANSlife) Picture a melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin and coconut puree soup, with a generous curry leaves to garnish. The taste that comes to mind does not fit any category of Indian cuisine but is a unique innovation on the flavors Indians hold close.

It is how The Finch, a premium restaurant and bar in New Delhi’s Greater Kailash-II, defines most of its menu: ‘Indo-global’. Set in a fine-dining landscape, the restaurant boasts of its modern outlook on Indian and global dishes.

Notable is its spinach and rosemary brioche, a French starter dish blended into the everyday street-eat concept of ‘chai-bun maska’. As one bite into a bun maska prepared from garlic cream cheese and onion marmalade, a healthy mushroom soup — resembling Indian tea — wait to be sipped on. If you are considering going to The Finch, this must-try dish comes up as one with many takers.

The Finch has a sizable menu, offering more than an average restaurant would. With a restaurant on one floor and a bar on the second, the place is a good fit for families and couples looking to have a good time and courteous service. It even has themed nights with live music and comedy gigs, most of the evenings.

It does not disappoint with its main course meals, too, in both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and has a dash of health in everything it prepares. For a cost for two as Rs 2800, The Finch is a safe choice when looking for options in the area.

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