Desire to dazzle: Top 5 go-to pre-bridal cosmetic surgeries

New Delhi, Nov 4 (IANSlife) The desire to dazzle on their wedding is attracting more and more brides to opt for different cosmetic surgeries. Some of the cosmetics surgeries that brides are choosing are mainly botox, fillers, vampire facelifts, lips jobs (could be lip augmentation or reduction), nose jobs etc. However, in past few years the scenario has changed, where brides are going bold and are choosing some intimate procedures to amp up their look and confidence..

Dr Amit Gupta, founder of Divine Cosmetic Surgeries, highlights top five surgeries brides are opting for to feel more confident:

1. Breast implants: This is the most common surgery which brides generally prefers. Breast augmentation procedure is for those who wish to achieve fuller breasts or to restore lost volume post transformative events such as significant weight loss. This can be done by means of implants or fat transfer.

2. Intimacy surgery: With growing social movement and liberation of norms, there has been significant increase in need and knowledge of intimacy surgery. Brides are getting more and more conscious of their intimate parts and don’t want to feel inferior in any way at all. Hence, there has been rise in the demand of such surgeries among brides. Some common procedures that are requested for are G-Shot, O-Shot, vagina tightening, hymen surgeries etc.

3. Facial aesthetic procedures: These are the cosmetic procedures that are aimed at correcting any deformities that are related to face. These procedures are in high demand among brides and are performed in large numbers. The facial aesthetic procedure is a combination of several cosmetic procedures like rhinopasty, facelift etc. Almost all the procedures are done in a stretch so that a much younger facial appearance in obtained in a single go.

4. Vaser: This is a new concept in body contouring among the brides involving the next generation Vaser combined with a four-dimensional body contouring procedure. This involves a delicate mixture of aggressive Vaser and superficial lipo-contouring to provide brides with hourglass figure and fabulous buttock contouring.

5. Face rejuvenation: Face rejuvenation consist of various procedures that vampire fcials, fillers and threads, chemical peels etc. These procedures take shorter time, and are essentially painless. The effects are last enough for the bride to feel fresh and confident even after their wedding day.



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