Central Amercan migrants unsuccessfully try to cross US border

Mexico City, Jan 2 (IANS) At least 100 Central American migrants illegally tried to cross into the US through the Playas de Tijuana zone after dark on New Year’s Eve but were unable to do so, human rights entities reported.

The officials said the crossing attempt sparked an intense mobilization of US Border Patrol agents, who fired at least two tear gas grenades to repel the migrants, EFE news reported.

According to a report, on Monday night, the migrants gathered on one side of the wall separating the two countries at the Playas de Tijuana and in the laurel canyon along the border.

Border Patrol units deployed at those two spots could be seen waiting for the migrants.

US border agents launched the tear gas at the Playas de Tijuana.

Young people, women, children and whole families of migrants remained at the site for some time but finally left the area when they noted the presence of the border agents, who told them that if they tried to cross they would be arrested.

So far, no official report has been issued on the matter and it is not known precisely how many migrants – if any – managed to cross the frontier and were then detained.



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