Poll app to prompt quick action against code violators

Jaipur, Oct 8 (IANS) State Chief Electoral Officer Anand Kumar on Monday said with the help of the C-Vigil App, it is now possible to take action on complaints against violation of model code of conduct within 100 minutes of receiving the complaints.

The complaint against violation of the code of conduct can be sent with a photo or video on the Fast Track Complaint and Solution system through the C-Vigil App, he said while training volunteer-employees for using the app here.

The complainant will not have to run to the Presiding Officer’s office.

“The most important thing about this app is that the complainant’s identity will be kept confidential,” Anand Kumar said.

The Election Commission has used it to ensure effective and prompt action on such complaints through C-Vigil, he added.

Anyone can download the Android-based app on mobile phone.

He also launched the ‘Raj Election’ app made by the Election Department. Through this Android app, voters can get election-related information through their name or vote ID number.



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