‘Mann Ki Baat’ doctor rues over shortage of equipment (IANS Exclusive)

New Delhi, March 29 (IANS) Personal protection equipment should be provided to doctors because if they have to fight the war against COVID-19 with insufficient gadgets, they are going to lose it, said Doctor Mahendra Atmaram Borse, who appeared on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme on Sunday.

Borse, along with Doctor Nitesh Gupta, shared their experience with Prime Minister Modi on his radio programme earlier on Sunday. He told the Prime Minister that all of his patients are recovering from the deadly disease.

In an exclusive interview to IANS, Doctor Borse rued over the unavailability of sanitizers, face masks and other protective gadgets and urged the government to provide them to the doctors, nurses and medical staff.

“Personal protection equipment should be made available to us because we are fighting a war at the forefront. If you direct them to fight it with insufficient gadgets, they are going to lose it,” he said.

Borse, who works at Pune’s Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre, further asserted that more than eighty nurses in the city have resigned from their jobs in the wake of the pandemic.

“Nurses have no place to live. They come with packed suitcases and at the end of the day, have nowhere to go. Hospitals have somehow managed to provide them hostels for now,” he said.

He further said that in Pune, doctors and nurses are being asked to move out of their rented residences.

“People, who themselves do not follow the instructions, are now evicting sisters and doctors,” the doctor said, adding that beating utensils and clapping will not help the medical staff in any way.

Borse said that the 21-day nationwide lockdown imposed by the government will only be enough if people religiously follow it and stay inside.

“The way people are roaming around on the roads, I do not think the lockdown will be fruitful. It should be strictly followed,” Borse added.



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