Senior citizens boost your resistance to combat COVID-19

New Delhi, March 26 (IANSlife) Senior citizens have higher chances of succumbing to the novel Coronavirus due to their lower immunity system.

As the pandemic spreads like wild here, the elderly should take extra precautions at home, besides refraining from steeping out of their houses. Dr Vivek Chandel, Wellness Manager at Fazlani Natures Nest, lists down the difference between coronavirus (CoV) and cold and flu and some preventive measures for them to combat the deadly virus.

CoV Versus Cold and flu

Cold Flu COVID-19

Incubation period 1-3 days 1-4 days

2-14 days

Onset of symptoms Gradual Abrupt Gradual

Typical illness duration 7-10 days 3-7 days


Severity of symptoms Gradual onset of symptoms Abrupt onset of symptoms

Mild to severe

Fever Rare Common Common

Cough Mild Dry cough

Dry cough

Aches and pains Common Common


Runny or stuffy nose Common Sometimes


Diarrhoea No Sometimes


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