Medak SP inspects National Highway to make Dist. accident-free

Medak, Feb 1: Medak District Superintendent of Police (SP) Chandana Deepti IPS on Saturday examined the National Highway which covers the district and ordered the National Highway Traffic Safety Officers and Police Officers to take preventive measures.

The SP checked with the respective police stations in the districts and advised the relevant police authorities to take precautions to prevent road accidents and said, the staff should be constantly responding to the dangers of the public, particularly in relation to risk prevention issues.

The SP mentioned her aim to make Medak district recognized as a full-fledged accident prevention district in the state and said it will be possible if the district’s staff went forward with the same responsibility.

Instructing the staff, the SP said “Don’t neglect the precious lives of vehicles on the road, be responsible and respond promptly.”

The officers were advised to consult the relevant authorities to set up boards, stoppers and CC cameras at every stop point and to alert police officers in case of road accidents.

The National Highway, which covers the district, not only in dangerous areas on the state highways but also in the areas where narrow, culverts, three and four lanes meet, the SP said.

The SP also suggested that steps should be taken to set up indicator boards with radium stickers at Kallakkal, Manoharabad, Tupran, Chegunta, Narsingi, Ramayangpet of the district and various other areas, especially at all the black spots under the police stations on the national highway.

The authorities were also instructed to set up CC Cameras at those spots and to link them to the police station.

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