Chunky Pandey set to make his Marathi film debut

Mumbai, Dec 28 (IANS) Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey, known to new-generation fans as Aakhri Pasta in the “Housefull” series, is set to make his Marathi film debut with “Vikun Taak”.

“Doing a film in Marathi, and a socio-comedy genre has always been on my wishlist. Marathi humour cannot be compared. I just love the language. Being born in Mumbai, speaking Marathi has never been a problem because if Hindi is my mother tongue, Marathi is my father tongue,” said the actor, who is teenybopper heartthrob Ananya Panday’s father.

The film directed by Sameer Patil and produced by Uttung Thakur focuses on real-life problems of the underprivileged class in rural areas. Satire has been used to tackle the issue.

Thakur is known for producing slice-of-life genre films like “Balak-Palak” and “Yellow”.

“Through my films, I always want to depict cinema wherein a viewer is not just entertained but enlightened. I take personal interest in the film’s content and subject and choose a film accordingly. ‘Vikun Taak’ has a new ring to it and tackles the genre differently. It truly touched me,” said Thakur.



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