MVP wants Maithili be brought back in Calcutta University

Kolkata, Dec 2 (IANS) The Mithila Vikash Parishad on Monday demanded the re-introduction of Maithili as a subject in Calcutta University.

Raising the demand before West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar at Raj Bhavan, a seven-member MVP delegation pointed out that Maithili was a subject in the Calcutta University as early as 1917. However, it was “unreasonably discontinued” in 1971-72.

According to a Raj Bhvana media release, the delegation, led by MVP President Ashok Jha, emphasised that there are 10,00,000 Maithili-speaking people in the state. Of them, three lakh stay in Kolkata.

Maithili was included as a language in Schedule 8 of the Indian Constitution in 2003.

Dhankhar indicated to the MVP representatives it is in the spirit of the Indian Constitution to promote languages that are in the Schedule 8 and that, at his level, he would look into the issue carefully and then take it forward.




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