Efforts on to save lives of migratory birds: Gehlot

Jaipur, Nov 13 (IANS) Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday said the death of birds at Sambhar Lake is “very worrying”.

In his tweet, Gehlot said, “State govt has taken all necessary steps to first find out what is causing the loss of avian lives and also to take immediate steps to prevent deaths during this migratory season. Protecting flora and fauna remains one of our top priorities.”

“The CCF (Chief Conservator of Forest) as well as several teams of Animal Husbandry Department are at Sambhar Lake. Both CWLW (Chief Wild Life Warden) and CCF are monitoring the situation. Water samples have been taken and sent for testing. Carcasses are sent to Bhopal for testing for bird flu. Toxicologists have also been called from WWI and SARCON, Coimbatore.”

The Chief Minster also said the ground level assessment is that due to heavy rains in Sambhar, lots of new water bodies have been formed after a gap of some years, raising saline level and causing toxicity. Officials are also investigating whether it has been caused by water contamination or algae poisoning.

“Once investigations are complete, we will do everything possible so that no more birds lose lives,” he added.

Thousands of migratory birds were found dead in Sambhar Salt Lake under mysterious circumstances on Monday.

Sambhar Lake is situated near Phulera in Jaipur and witnesses a vast number of winged visitors during the winter season.



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