Stepping up to bridge gaps

New Delhi, Nov 9 (IANSlife) The Ocean Dance Festival, organised by Nrityajog in collaborations with Bangladesh’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Tourism, is a conglomeration of forty organisations under the umbrella of the World Dance Alliance (WDA) which will take place from November 22 to 25, 2019, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The festival will showcase mainly Bangladeshi dance interspersed by performances from South Asia and the Asia Pacific. Bangladeshi-British dancer Akram Khan, WDA-Asia Pacific President and Bangladeshi dancer Urmimala Sarkar and WDA-Asia Pacific Vice-president Lubna Marium, will deliver the keynote speeches.

“In the contemporary geopolitical scenario people look at each other as shadows of their own political minds. People are not agents of agenda. People are people, with the same dreams for their children, with the same fondness for love, with the same prayers for good health and the same desires of prosperity. That is why, cross-border people-to-people contact is pivotal to world peace,” Marium said.

The Ocean Dance Festival will boast of keynote speeches, academic seminars, workshops, performances and lecture demonstrations on the theme ‘Bridging the Gap’.



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