KCR’s lies on RTC got ‘self exposed’ in High Court: Shabbir Ali

Hyderabad, Nov 7: Former minister and ex-Leader of Opposition in Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir said that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s lies on RTC issue were ‘self exposed’ when senior IAS officials apologised before the High Court for furnishing wrong statistics. He said a case of cheating must be booked against the Chief Minister and officials who lied on RTC issue.

Shabbir Ali, in a media statement on Thursday, alleged that it was the Chief Minister who forced senior bureaucrats to furnish wrong information before the High Court on the RTC issue. “KCR is a habitual liar. It is common for him to speak lies in public meetings, Assembly, Council and press conferences. 
He also turned senior bureacrats into liars by making them furnish false information on regular basis. However, those lies were caught when they tried to mislead the High Court. They had to apologise to the High Court for submitting false and incorrect information,” he said.

The Congress leader said it was not for the first time that a wrong decision taken by the Chief Minister was turned down by the High Court. However, he said it was apparently for the first time in history of independent India, that a group of senior IAS officers were rebuked by the High Court for furnishing wrong information on an issue. 
He said bureaucrats, all across the country, enjoy a good reputation for their efficiency and promptness. However, by falling into KCR’s trap, some senior officials of Telangana Government have lost their credibility. “When officials can try to mislead the High Court to suit the needs of a Chief Minister, they can go to any extent outside the court. This favouritism was not only unconstitutional, but dangerous for the very survival of democracy in Telangana State,” he said.

Shabbir Ali said that the High Court has rightly pointed out that the State Government does not appear serious in resolving the issues of RTC employees. “KCR must take the remarks made by the High Court very seriously and change his attitude. 
He must realise that Telangana was not his personal fiefdom where he can run administration as per his whims and fancies. He must function according to law and within the framework of the Constitution,” he said.

The Congress leader also slammed the Central Government for its delayed response on the RTC issue. “Why it took over a month for the Centre to tell the court that RTC was not yet bifurcated? An early intervention into the matter could have prevented several insane decisions taken by the Chief Minister on the issue. 
With literally no powers on RTC, the Chief Minister announced ‘self dismissal’ of more than 48,000 employees. This instilled fear of insecurity among RTC workers. While nearly 17 RTC workers died of heart attack, four others committed suicide. These deaths could have been avoided if the BJP Government at the Centre would have intervened early,” he said.

Shabbir Ali said that a case of cheating, conspiracy, criminal intimidation and abetting for suicide must be booked against the Chief Minister and all officials who misused their positions to gain control over RTC while playing with the lives of thousands of employees. 
“Apology by senior officials for furnishing incorrect information before the High Court was nothing but confession of attempt to cheating. Therefore, they must be booked under relevant laws and punished for playing with lives and careers of over 48,000 RTC workers,” he said.  

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