Bursting the myths around diabetes

October 25 Oct 25 (IANSlife) With diabetes becoming a worldwide health issue, it is necessary to know the details. It comes with a lot myths and Dr Pramod Tripathi, founder of Freedom from Diabetes explains what it is logically

Myth #1: Diabetes goes only with death… One can never become free!

Truth #1: Diabetics do become free of insulin and medicines permanently! In fact, through experimentation and research have formulated four protocols namely diet, exercise, inner transformation and medicine whichhas successfully freed over 6000 diabetics from medicines and insulin.

Myth #2: Another very common myth is “Diabetes is hereditary!”

Truth #2: This is a partial truth. Type 2 diabetes has a very strong genetic link but the genes are dormant (in a sleeping state and not dominant). They activate only when one’s diet, lifestyle and stress switch them on. Interestingly, these genes can be switched off once you change your diet, lifestyle and stress levels!

Myth #3: Diabetics produce less insulin!

Truth #3: This is totally wrong when it comes to type 2 diabetics! The fact is around 95 per cent Type 2 diabetics have higher fasting insulin (more than 4). The real problem is not insulin production but insulin resistance (action of insulin)!

Myth #4: Most important test for diabetes is HbA1c.

Truth #4: This is a partial truth. HbA1c is the 3-month average of sugars so it is important. Ideally, it should be below 5.7. For diabetics below 7 is good control.

Even more important tests than HbA1c are:

Fasting Insulin (should be between 2.6-4)

HsCRP (should be below 1) – this conveys inflammation

Both tests help us understand insulin resistance which is more important than just tracking sugar levels through HbA1c.

Myth #5: Diabetics should eat after every 2 hours and they should not fast!

Truth #5: This is partially true! Eating in less quantity every two hours will keep the sugar under control, but the problem is the rise in insulin. One will only see a reduction in Insulin when the number of meals reduce. Fasting in a scientific manner is highly recommended and has givengreat results.

Myth #6: If sugars are controlled by medicines/insulin there is no need to control your diet.

Truth #6: This is factually incorrect! All medicines have side-effects. With medicines/insulin you are only stuffing more sugar and fat into cells which are already overloaded, so the problem increases. Long-term complications may also happen to people despite good sugar control.

Myth #7: Diabetics should not eat mangoes and bananas!

Truth #7: This is a partial truth. Bananas and mangoes have medium Glycemic Index. Diabetics can have them once sugars are under control. All our diabetics (from FFD) eat them regularly! More dangerous than these are Watermelon and Pineapple.


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