‘Sifar’ inspired by Lord Buddha: Tushar Lall

New Delhi, March 17 (IANS) Music composer-arranger Tushar Lall has unveiled a track titled “Sifar”, which is inspired by Lord Buddha.

“I am personally associated with the ideology of detachment. When I thought of composing my first original, I thought whatever song I make should go with that ideology,” Tushar, a Qyuki creator, said in a statement.

“When I started looking around, the first thing that came to my mind was Gautam Buddha. He renounced a lot of things, including his royal family, to seek spiritualism. When I initially started with ‘Sifar’, it wasn’t a song but an orchestral piece,” Tushar said.

“I made it for YouTube Fanfest 2016. Since it encapsulated an ideology, about detachment, we thought to make it into a song. I sat down with my dad, a prolific Hindi writer, and wrote the lyrics together,” said Tushar.

Later, he got singers Tajinder Singh, Shatadru Kabir and Mame Khan on board.

“The last thing I decided was Budapest Art orchestra. I just wanted the track to be grand and stay true to the ideology that it’s supporting. I think we succeeded in doing that,” he said.



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