Auto-rickshaw fuel tank explodes in Mumbai, explosives experts probe

Mumbai, Oct 20 (IANS) At least three persons were injured when the fuel tank of an auto-rickshaw suddenly exploded as it was being refuelled at a CNG station in Kandivali West here on Saturday morning, police said.

An investigation into the incident has been ordered by the Chief Controller of Explosives (CCoE), pending which operations at the fuel station have been suspended, said an official.

The incident took place at the Mahanagar Gas Ltd (MGL)’s CNG station near Milap Cinema on the busy S.V. Road, around 8 a.m. during the morning peak hour traffic.

The fuel tank of the new auto-rickshaw MH-47-C-2747 burst while it was being refuelled, injuring three persons including two auto-rickshaw drivers standing nearby.

Those injured are Anil Shivram More, 57, Sohail Kamal Shaikh, 57, and Shailesh K. Tiwari, 25. The condition of at least two has been described as critical.

They have been rushed to the Tunga Hospital nearby and the Mumbai police are also investigating the cause of the blast with specialized CCoE experts joining in.

Besides the auto-rickshaws, the CNG pump belonging to Kapadia Brothers, also suffered extensive damage in the explosion.



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